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What's Happening

Adelaide Youth Orchestra Appoints
New School Tours Coordinator

 Former R-12 Music Teacher and Music Coordinator, Lexi Buxton has joined the Adelaide Youth Orchestra (ADYO) as their new school tours co-ordinator. Lexi is an allumni of the ADYO when she joined as a Year 11 student . She has first-hand knowledge and  experience  of the confidence and enjoyment that these programs provide to their members. Seems like an ideal match. The orchestra will be playing at Thebarton 18 March at the Thebarton Comunity Centre - entry fee is $10 and children under 12 - free. To book phone 
08  8361 8896


50 New Support Roles  for Student Learning in NSW

 Recruitment for these positions began on 19 February, for  quality classroom teachers and school leaders with expertise in literacy and/or numeracy to join the School Services team.

The advisors will support the NSW Literacy and Numeracy Strategy and provide professional learning and expertise for primary and secondary schools.  Up to 20 of the 50 SEO2 positions will be available for advisors in secondary schools. The positions will be full-time (temporary) employment until 28 January 2019, with the possibility of extension for a further year. For more information  to the Literacy and Numeracy advisor page on the Dept of Education website. Closing date for application is 5 March 2017.




See the ARTEXPRESS exhibition 
The Armory,  Sydney Olympic Park
Free entry 13 March -  6 May

 ARTEXPRESS, now in it's fourteenth year is an annual series of exhibitions showcasing exemplary artworks created by NSW visual arts students for the Higher School Certificate examination. As the arts and culture hub of Western Sydney, the Armory Gallery has the largest continuous gallery wall in Australia with plenty of open space to accommodate all art forms and media. The 2018 collection spans a broad range of expressive media forms such as painting, photo-media, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design, documented forms, textiles and fabrics, ceramics and time-based forms. For more information including events, dates and times, visit



Free Orienteering Courses at Bicentennial Park in Sydney

Do you prefer a map or an app? Whichever your prefer you can use either at the latest orienteering craze at Sydney Olympic Park. All you need is your smartphone to enjoy the  the permanent activity at beautiful Bicentennial Park in Sydney. The courses... Read More



Queensland's City Schools to Partner to Help Take Arts Education to Students in Regional Centres

The Queensland Music Festival (QMF) is calling out to large, metropolitan Queensland schools to help take high quality arts performances to students in rural and remote classrooms through its Youth Touring program’s new Outreach initiative. Most regional schools they often face challenges accessing high quality arts education experiences because they are remote, they have less students in their schools and they have greater financial pressures when it comes to resources for their schools. The first school to partner in the program is St Peters Lutheran College... Read More


Australia's Science Channel

Australia's Science Channel - Education has just got better than ever , offering a range of new features and functions to support your STEM teaching in class.

It is packed with free tools and resources mapped to the National Curriculum, with specific questions and ideas designated to each year level, inspiring your students has never been easier. Go and have a look on their website.

Words matter - How Does Your School Deal with Bullying?

Does your school school encourage it's students to boost each up  instead of putting people down? The NSW Department of Education published this video made at Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School. It also reminds us of a well-known saying, originally coined by the Scottish Poet, Robert Burns, which in modern English translates to "oh to see ourselves as others see us" Click here to see the video


Choosing a School - 'St Posh vs Bog Standard High: how the school system can fight poverty and privilege"

Choosing a school is often one of the most stressful things parents have to do. Should you choose public or private? Within private there are religion based schools and independent schools, some are low-fee paying while others are not, in fact some have considerably higher fees, all offering a myriad of advantages or are they? School marketing can naturally  make this choice  rather confusing as they extol the virtues of their schools, with slick advertising and pr.  Friends and family members have differing opinions, or you can turn to professional help to decide.  If you are a parent trying to decide which schools your much loved child go to next year or in years to come, do read "St Posh vs Bog Standard High: how the school system can fight poverty and privilege" by Jane Caro on the ABC's website.



An Extraordinary Adventure For Young Symphonists

At the Melbourne Youth Orchestras’ prestigious annual Summer School, young musicians enjoyed an exciting new partnership with the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra... Read More


Revival of record-breaking Broadway show, Fiddler on the Roof, returns to Sydney.
2-11 March at Rockdale Town Hall, 448 Princes Highway, Rockdale.

Based on Sholom Aleichem’s Tevye and his Daughters, "Fiddler on the Roof" is the beautiful story of the small, traditional town of Anatevka, where Jews and Russians live in a delicate balance. Through the eyes of the endearingly philosophical Tevye - a father of five daughters,  defends and then is forced to challenge the time-honoured traditions of his village. In a time riddled with conflict, we see his daughters grow up and fall in love and his community of loveable, colourful characters endure and adapt to a new world. Suitable for the whole family.  For more information and to book, pop onto the website:


Reward Days & Educational Excursions...

Sydney's Wet 'n Wild have a special offer for the remainder of the season, for schools. Passes were $33 a head and now they are only  $25.  They are ideal for using for reward days, for class bonding and educational trips. Teachers entry is FREE person excursion and there are lunch and photo packages available. Risk assessments and EDU-Documents are available. Plus there are special bus drop off and waiting areas, plenty of shade and areas for group events and over 40 slides and attractions for students to enjoy that accommodate a range of swimming abilities. You will find out more information for your school at:


How to manage your child's social media devices  and teach them self-control

In this  BBC TV interview , Elizabeth O’Shea  founder of Parent 4 Success in the UK, discusses how parents can teach their child  self-control when using social media. She also shares a number of useful tips for parents on monitoring  their child's activity  online to help prevent bullying as well as suggesting what type of phones they should use.  Read More...


Queensland Reconciliation Award for Education 2018 prizes of $25,000 offered over five categories. Closes 26 February.

NRL hero Johnathan Thurston and Ambassador for the 6th time, is encouraging Queenslanders to celebrate their reconciliation efforts. The Queensland Reconciliation Awards, now in their 16th year,  is a prestigious program open to businesses, community organisations, educational institutions, government departments, agencies and local councils in Queensland that are supporting Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous individuals and advancing reconciliation.

“I believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to develop respectful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, to support reconciliation and create a community where all cultures are valued, respected and affirmed across all areas of society,” Mr Thurston said.   For more information about the Queensland Reconciliation Awards or to submit an online nomination visit

Photo above: 2017 finalists, Tamborine Mountain State School and Annastacia Palaszczuk. Finalists in different years have included Bald Hills  State School and Mabel Park State High School.


Food Allergies and  What Can be Done About Them
We have a lot of empathy for people with food allergies and intolerances, but let’s not be a victim of our modern living. 
Everything we eat is processed by the body.
Read  More...


Youth Environmental Council Applications Open
Year 7-10 students are invited to apply

The Youth Environment Council (YEC) of South Australia provides young people with a voice to provide leadership in relation to key environmental issues facing South Australia and gives them opportunities to take action to achieve a more environmentally sustainable future for SA. If you are interested in sustainability, want to make a difference, or want to develop leadership skills and have fun, pop onto the YEC website for more details:



ARIA Music Teacher of the Year Award

At the 2017 music industry ARIA awards, Renee McCarthy from Woodcroft College in Morphett Vale in Adelaide, was announced as the winner of the  inaugural ARIA Music Teacher of the Year Award. Read More...




Are screens ruining modern childhood?

Many people think  they are and just as many say that's not so. Sara DeWitt, children's media expert, says no. In a talk that may make you feel a bit less guilty about handing a tablet to a child while you are make dinner, Sara DeWitt envisions a future where we're excited to see kids interacting with their screens and tablets and shows us some exciting ways that new technologies can help kids grow, connect, learn and reduce exam stress.  See Sara's TED Talk here.




Ancestry - 14 Days Free

What we do with the books we get for reviewing in our review pages

Each month we get a selection of books for reviewing  in our pages, Children's BooksBooks for Teachers & Parents, Learning Difficulties, Cookbooks. Over time we accumulate a large number of books which we like to donate to worthwhile organisations. Shortly before Christmas 2017 we spotted a notice  for a volunteer organisation looking for donations to help people in a local community who have assistance for all shorts of reasons, such as refuge from domestic violence, loss of key family members etc and so we donated the books through the charity to give them to  families, who probably would not have been able to buy their children and loved ones a gift during the holiday season.  Pictured above are  two of the volunteers  gift wrapping the books and toys.


WW I & Gallipoli/ Western Front website

100 year Commemorations

With its in-depth amount of information, this Australian-developed unique website covers virtually all you need to know for the curriculum on World War I.  You can prepare your students for opportunities to be involved in writing essays on WW I for some potential Government prizes, with class worksheets making access to  information much easier and much more useful. Access the website at  with the following access codes:  User Name: firstww   Password: firstww20



Queensland Music Festival seeks young composers in secondary schools to enter state film score competition

 Budding Queensland high school composers are invited to create an original composition to accompany a short animated film produced by Griffith Film School. Read More...





A small proportion of NSW schools will be able to sit the NAPLAN online in 2018

NAPLAN will begin moving away from using pencil and paper tests to online tests in some states and territories from 2018.


A small proportion of NSW schools will sit NAPLAN Online in 2018. The gradual roll-out will ensure the move to the new online environment can be closely monitored and carefully managed. During the school readiness test in August/September 2017, schools were able to test their technical readiness for the move online. The schools that successfully demonstrated readiness will be contacted by their relevant sector representative. Parents and schools  can keep up-to-date with this information on the NESA website.




Guiding Children Through Difficult Times

We spoke with Liliane Grace, speaker, coach and author of The Mastery Club, about a recent survey showing that children in Australia are worrying about what is happening in the world with terrorist attacks and are concerned for their safety. Read Liliane Grace's article"Guiding Children Through Difficult TImes" to see what she recommends.




Teacher Tuesdays

 Apple provides inspiring programs for teachers  near you? To find out about these programs and there are many, visit the Apple website, put in your city or town and a range of dates and topics will pop up for you.

Choose which ones you want to go to and book in. Simple and free!



20 Things to Avoid When Parenting your Teen

As our children grow up everything starts to change. No sooner do we start feeling confident that we have this ‘parenting-lark’ sussed – that the goalposts start changing. Here are some pointers that will help, as you and your teen embark on the next stage... Adolescence. Read More




Teaching Teens to Choose Good Role Models

Have you ever had a gun held to your head?  At 16, I was at a party when all of a sudden, THUNK! I was shoved against a wall by a .22 calibre, Winchester lever-action rifle. It was loaded and so was Glen who was holding the gun. He was high on some mind-bending, drug cocktail. It happened without warning or provocation.  The role models I chose as a child, followed me. The mindset that I developed, took me from one disaster to another.  Fortuitously, searching for an excuse to get away from the gang and my family, at the age of 17, I found a job marking targets at the local rifle range, which is were  I met 70 year old Clarry... Read More



Living with a Indigo Children

I met my first Indigo child around 9pm on New Years Eve, 1977.
I was both elated and exhausted, as my son’s birth wasn’t handled well by the hospital – he didn’t like interference from the start. He opened his eyes and wanted to get on with life – by resisting sleep. .... Read More



What's the Apple Teacher Program?

Apple Teacher, a free professional learning program is designed to support  educators using Apple products for teaching and learning. You can build skills on iPad and Mac that directly apply to activities with your students, earn recognition for the new things you learn and be rewarded for the great work you do every day. The program is designed as a self-paced professional learning journey, free to all educators. To find out more have a look at the programs offered here, there are a few videos from Apple Teachers that may interest you. You can also join in the chat on #AppleTeacher on Twitter.






Do you know a great teacher?

For many years schooldaysmagazine has been acknowledging and applauding outstanding teachers, with a whole section dedicated to Awards & Recognition for Outstanding Teachers.


schooldaysmagazine's specialist contributor on the topic of Awards and Recognition, Dr Hans  Andrews has written seven books on the topic.


Now Schools Plus and the Commonwealth Bank have launched teaching awards and we encourage you to nominate a teacher that has made a difference in your schools or to your child's education.

Great teachers can change everything. They help children reach their full potential. Schools Plus and the Commonwealth Bank have partnered to recognise and reward Australia’s most outstanding teachers and principals.

Great teachers and school leaders deserve recognition. Nominating someone is a great way to show your appreciation for their teaching achievements, but doesn’t oblige them to apply. To find out more and how to nominate click here for the website.



Talks to Inspire science projects with children


Eight  crafty TED talks will ignite passions, pique interests and introduce kids to the excitement of hands-on learning.


Arvind Gupta -Turning trash into toys for learning :

AnnMarie Thomas - Hands-on science with squishy circuits

Gever Tulley Life lessons through tinkering

Ayah Bdeir - Building blocks that blink, beep and teach

Catarina Mota - Play with smart materials

Thomas Thwaites -  How I built a toaster -- from scratch

Cesar Harada - How I teach kids to love science

Linda Liukas -  A delightful way to teach kids about computers


Click here to view



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Publishing positive education information for parents & teachers since 2000

Free Orienteering Courses at Bicentennial Park in Sydney

Queensland's City Schools to Partner to Help Take Arts Education to Students in Regional Centres

An Extraordinary Adventure For Young Symphonists

Youth Environmental Council Applications Open
Year 7-10 students are invited to apply

WW I & Gallipoli/ Western Front website

Guiding Children Through Difficult Times

Living with a Indigo Children

Publishing positive education information for parents & teachers since 2000

Publishing positive education information for parents & teachers since 2000

Publishing positive education information for 
parents and teachers since 2000

Publishing positive education information for parents and teachers since 2000

Happy New Year! We wish you a happy and successful 2018

and welcome to schooldaysmagazine, published since 2000 for parents and teachers. It's filled with useful, helpful and positive information covering all years of school education (K-Year 12) with articles covering a wide range of education topics, written by specialists in their fields. If you have just discovered it, do yourself a favour and subscribe to find out the latest in positive school education, new books and more.

Publishing positive education information for parents and teachers since 2000

Publishing positive education information for parents & teachers since 2000