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Cooking & Healthy Eating

Cook Fast Eat Well

5 Ingredients, 10 minutes, 160 recipes

by Sue Quinn

Published by Murdoch Books

ISBN: 9781848993280


Another surprisingly good cook book. You couldn't ask for a recipe book to be presented any simpler than this.


Whilst the subtitle is enticing for the busy person who wants to make a good meal at home, this book is pleasantly designed with photos of the ingredients, showing the quantities. The method instructions are incredibly easy to follow, even if you don't think you can cook, you will easily be able to do so with this book on your kitchen bench!'


The recipes say how many they will serve, but also how long they will take to prepare.


The ingredients are quite easy to find and the recipes include dishes from Asia, Italy, France, Spain, the Middle East, Mexico.  You are sure to find the  snacks,  entrees, main meals, soups, salads and desserts appealing, especially because they are so quick to prepare.


A handy book to keep for anyone's cook book library.


The Garden Apothecary

Homemade remedies for everyday ailment

by Reece Carter

Published by Harlequin Books

ISBN: 9781743368503

Using 40 of his favourite recipes, Reece Carter shares how to grow and make your own gentle herbal remedies make your own tinctures, creams, lotions and ointments.

Not everyone has the time to do this, but for those that do and who can grow their herbs organically and in nutrient rich soils, they could relieve a wide range of every day ailments. It also shows what oils, emulsifiers, grinders, glass jars and capsules you'll need.


Whilst this is an interesting book to have on hand, some remedies are cause for concern.  One is the mouth wash as it uses vodka for its alcohol purposes. Alcohol in mouth wash is unnecessary and dries the skin. A well know brand had to reduce it's alcohol content when it was found to be causing cancers. Another is the remedy for heartburn. Usually there is a reason for ailments such as heartburn and if one is suffering from heartburn it could be the type of food you are eating and the lack of sufficient essential minerals in the body.

A nice looking book to have on hand.

The Really Quite Good British Cookbook

by William Sitwell


Published by Echo Publishing

ISBN: 9781848993280




Wow! Nothing like I thought this book was going to be. I expecting it to be about good delicious traditional British food - but  NO, it's a treasure trove for home cooks of unusual, yet not difficult, rather inspirational of what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


I simply love this book - it's a definite keeper, one that most homes should have in their cook book library.


Each recipe gives practical information which most of us want to know, such as how many servings it will make; how long it will take to prepare; the skill levels need to cook the recipe which are mostly 1 and 2, so easy and moderate. All with photos which I find rather helpful and appealing and a very handy book mark ribbon - something all recipe books should have. Recipes are by 100 well-known chefs in the UK that one can readily think of such as Jamie Oliver, Nigella, Michel Roux, Yotam Ottolenghi, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Raymond Blanc, Claudia Roden, Prue Leith, Rick Stein, Gordon Ramsay, Nigel Slater, Antonio Carluccio, Delia Smith, Aldo Zilli and ..... and many other chefs and cookery writers  that we don't readily know.


I'm also pleased to say that I've tested a few recipes from this book and they all work. A perfect gift for yourself, for a friend, family member or partner.

Get Lean, Stay Lean

The 6-Step Program for a Happier, Healthier Body, for Life

by Dr Joanna McMillan

Published by Murdoch Books

ISBN: 9781743368503



There are over 100 nutritionally balanced recipes for the whole family in this book with practical information such as the nutritional breakdown, notes and portion guidance for each recipe.


If you've been thinking about eating more healthily, watching your weight and need some inspiration this maybe the book for you. A useful  sample weekly menu planning guide is included .


Recipes included are for breakfast, snacks, salads, soups, seafood, meat, poultry, vegetarian, sweet treats and drinks.


Joanna McMillan explains why it so hard to be a healthy weight, how genes influence body weight, and how you can adapt your lifestyle for a healthier, happier life and also gives advice to get and stay lean and trim.


The Mix + Match Lunchbox

by Cherie Schetselaar and Britney Rule

Published by Exisle Publishing

ISBN: 9781942934660





First impressions - WOW, love the look of this book!


Cleverly designed, a hard backed, open flat book with internal wire binding, the length of the book's pages are divided into three to show different recipes and combinations for healthier lunch boxes. The pages are coated so it's easy to clean up any spills.


Loads of good ideas for sandwiches, healthy snacking, salads, hot and cold food and how to keep them hot or cold during the school day. On the cover it claims 27,000 wholesome combos to make a lunch.  Also like the ideas for putting notes into your child's lunch boxes  - tear out notes included for you. The book includes guides on a healthy lunch is important, how to create a balanced lunch, what grains are best,  information on protein,  veggies,  fruit, serving sizes and more.


The authors, Cherie Schetselaar has a passion for superfood, for all meals and Britney Rule is a mother of four picky eaters is the author of Grain Crazy, Quinoa Crazy.


If this doesn't resonate with you, don't be put off, this book will be very useful for every parent who sends their child to school with a lunch box, or eats at home.  Do remember that some food names used are different to ours as the authors are in the USA. (it's a pumpkin not a squash!)


Good Food Everyday

by Calum Hann and Themis Chryssidis


Published by Murdoch Books

ISBN 978174337261

RRP $39.99



Remember Callum Hann who was a finalist in MasterChef a few years ago? Well he has teamed up with dietitian Themis Chryssidis to produce this fresh and delightful cook book.


Designed to encourage people to follow common sense rather than the latest fad. The recipes are easy and quick to make, ideal for busy people who want good ideas that are full of flavour that they can make without too much fuss.


We like the way the chapters are divided into seasons. Within each chapter there is a list of seasonal fruit and vegetables, making it easy to know what to shop for which has health benefits and good for the environment.  The introduction explains the importance of eating seasonal produce.

Some gluten-free recipes included.


We like the chapter explaining the advantages of home cooking, agree with all points!


If you are busy, or not too keen on cooking, do yourself a favour and get a copy of this book, it's a good one to have in your kitchen library.



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Publishing positive education information for parents and teachers since 2000

Publishing positive education information for parents and teachers since 2000