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Flaming Charli

by Anthony Wood

$16.99 + $2.00 postage (Australia) $8.00 international postage




Charli is an energetic, Sulphur-crested cockatoo who likes to perform a special trick – the curly wurly Raaaaarrrrrrkkkkk. One morning, while performing her stunt, she sees a bushfire and warns the other forest animals. Charli saves the day!


Illustrated by Lorraine Robertson.  Apart from painting and natural history illustration, Lorraine has extensive experience making prints and as a paper maker. Lorraine

hand  made paper  from recycled materials to create the artwork for Charli, using  watercolours to tint the paper and reflect the vivid colours of the native flora and fauna of the Australian bush. The technique Lorraine used gives her illustrations the texture of a collage and a 3D appearance.

Flaming Charli

by Anthony Wood

Illustrated by Lorraine Robertson

ISBN 9780858812482


Charli is for 4 - 7 year olds.


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Don't Think About Purple Elephants

by Susan Whelan and Gwynneth Jones

$24.99 + $6.95 postage




If you have a child you worries about things, all sorts of things, then this delightful book may help. A story about Sophie who worries, especially at night, not during the day when she is at school learning and being with her friends,  nor when she is at home playing, but at night when all is calm and still. Although her family try to help her, it just makes everything worse, until one day her mother thinks of a new approach.


This book is filled with lovely illustrations that children will relate to and sure to enjoy looking at while reading of Sophie's predicament and then the solution to no more worrying, thanks to purple elephants....

Don't Think About Purple Elephants

by VSusa Whelan and Gwynneth Jones

Published by Exisle Publishing

ISBN 978192196699


'Don't Think About Purple Elephants is a story about a little 'night-time worrier'. For children (and adult) worriers, night time offers minimal to no distractions, so worries are free to roam. The story acknowledges the typical help offered and ends with a lovely, simple strategy that adds a bit of creative quirkiness to the bedtime routine.  Lovely story, beautiful illustrations!'

Lynn Jenkins, clinical psychologist and author of Lessons of a Lac, School Start and Best Start


"Don't Think About Purple Elephants is a beautiful children's book and a must have for every bookshelf.

Susan Whelan writes with a deep understanding of what it feels like to be a child who worries, highlighting how easily negative thoughts can fill a child's mind. Gwynneth Jones' beautiful illustrations are full of emotion and compassion, complementing the text perfectly.

Don't Think About Purple Elephants will resonate with all young children and be especially important for those who are little worriers." - Nicky Johnston, author and illustrator of Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts!




A woman’s guide to navigating emotional overwhelm

  • Do people put you down for expressing our feelings?
  • Are you kept awake at night because no-one understands you?
  • Do you want to be respected and heard for your emotions
  • Are you looking for peace of mind?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then this book is for you. In "Don't Tell Me To Get Over It", Vanessa Bushell, a psychologist who has experienced a conscious journey with emotions both on a personal and professional level. illustrates the heartache for women who are dismissed, scorned or excluded when expressing emotions. Stories of women's experiences demonstrate the emotional pain and shut down resulting from living in a culture where emotional expression is frowned upon.  Learn how to honour your emotional self and embrace empowerment where you stand in your own truth.

Don't Tell Me To Get Over It!

by Vanessa Bushell

Published by Vanessa Bushell

ISBN 9780987227997

$24.99 + Postage

No reviews available yet

Don't tell me to get over it

A woman's guide to navigating emotional overwhelm

by Vanessa Bushell

$24.99 + $7.00 postage

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