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Dr Hans A Andrews is a former secondary school teacher and counselor and held instructional administrative roles in community colleges.


Now retired, Hans was college president at Olney Central College in Illinois and is now the Distinguished Fellow for Community College Leadership for Olney Central College. Hans a passion for ensuring that outstanding teachers receive the recognition that richly deserve and has authored seven books and many articles on the topic.


Dr Hans Andrews is also the contributing editor of the section on Awards & Recognition in schooldaysmagazine.

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Recognition vs Merit Pay for Our Best Teachers

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Matilda Press

ISBN 9780992318277


Recognition vs Merit Pay For Our Best Teachers

by Dr Hans A Andrews


In Hans Andrews' new book he explains why recognition programs are more meaningful and accepted by excellent teachers versus merit pay.


Hans shows, that research has found merit pay plans to fail and be withdrawn almost universally over the past 25-30 years. His research also found only 50 percent of the K-12 schools and less than 50 percent of the community colleges in the US have instituted any type of recognition for their best teachers.


Recognition vs. Merit Pay provides numerous examples of how recognition is meeting the intrinsic needs of teachers around the US and the rest of the world.

Every exceptional teacher should receive a special ‘thank you’ from their boards and administrators. Teachers, administrators and governing boards need to work together to make this happen. Board members and parents will find this book provides a major pathway to improving teacher morale and student outcomes.


"The debate he (author Hans Andrews) puts forward is perennially valid and highly relevant in the current Australian education landscape. A school’s employees, in this case its teachers, need to feel appreciated and important to the school” -

Stephen Thomson, MACE, Principal Executive Officer Yatya-binbi lnstitute

for Community Devetopment (YBll.) - Reviewed in Professional Educator, Australian College of Educators  (ACE).


"I commend Andrews' Recognition  vs. Merit Pay to anyone interested in improving teaching and learning. His findings are always the same:  teacher recognition programs provide more bang for the buck than merit pay!"

- Dr. Gary Davis, former Director of the Illinois Community Colleges Trustees Association, USA

Awards and Recognition for Exceptional Teachers

by Dr Hans A Andrews

Teachers have received little recognition and support over the years in countries around the world.


This book pulls together some of the best programs that could be found in a number of countries and provides strong rationale on why more programs are needed.


The value of recognition is grounded in motivational theory and the meeting of intrinsic needs of good teachers.


This is the first comprehensive book on this important topic.


"This practical handbook on teacher evaluation is a thorough guide through the intricate issues surrounding teacher evaluation.  The information, tools, and strategies contained in this guide enhance the opportunity to move teacher evaluation from the task of fulfilling regulatory guidelines to improving teacher performance and increasing student achievement."

- * National Association of Secondary Schools


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ISBN 1-58107-087-X


Published by Matilda Press

ISBN 9781581070446


Accountable Teacher Evaluation:  Toward Highly Qualified and COMPETENT Teachers

by Dr Hans A Andrews


Much of teacher evaluation is now being moved into testing programs in the US, Australia, UK and several  other countries and is being used to determine which teachers should be retained and/or released.


Merit - Performance Pay is being used even though almost all previous studies on such pay systems have found the programs dropped or terminated due to lack of success.  How to properly develop an instrument for evaluation, utilizing both teachers and administrators, responding to open ended questions about the classroom evaluation visits are most important for acceptance of accountable evaluation by teachers and decision makers;   help 'remediate' poor instruction and/or how to move toward legally supported termination of those lazy or incompetent teachers is dealt with in depth.

The Dual-Credit Phenomenon!

 by Dr Hans A Andrews


Many critics of the secondary school system in America had suggested the last two  years of high school are a  waste of  time of  many  students.  American Community colleges and some universities have undertaken reform through the creative program of dual credit.

This program allows bright students to  take college level classes that secondary schools also now count toward high school diploma completion.  Technical  and  Career  Education  programs are now shifting in large numbers to the "dual-credit" option and away rom the articulated and college credit in escrow options


The  dual-credit / dual-enrollment movement is one of the most  significant  educational  innovations to take place over the past 60 years!   It  brings secondary schools and higher education into the same arena in terms of improving learning opportunities for secondary  (high school) students.

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