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Help A Journey to the Top End to Beat Bullying

by Ron Prasad

As an anti-bullying campaigner, there isn’t much that I have not seen.


The new challenge facing my charity, Beat Bullying With Confidence Foundation, is a trip to the Northern Territory.


Elcho Island is off the coast of  the Northern Territory on the southern most part of Wessel Islands.

Developing respectful relationships


There are many challenges Aboriginal Communities face in the Northern Territory. One is, respectful relationships.


Here is a simple equation, if children are not taught about respectful relationships from an early age, there is little or zero chance of them ever becoming role models for their community and the cycle simply continues.


Another challenge is the high rates of depression and suicide. According to the Australian Youth Development Index, the rate of suicide among young Indigenous men is the highest in the world.


Would you agree this is totally unacceptable?


Shepherdson College on Elcho Island have asked my charity, Beat Bullying With Confidence Foundation, to deliver a series of workshops on:


  • Emotional Endurance – how to develop and sustain a mindset and emotional states that will develop confidence and encourage others.

  • Respectful Relationships – here is how you can create and maintain productive relationships with others in your community, using empathy, trust, honesty, and acceptance.

  • Upstanding, Not Bystanding – through supporting your friends while they are being put down by others in the form of teasing or bullying


These will all be presented during their Social And Emotional Wellbeing Month.

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Approach by Shepherdson College

When we were approached by Shepherdson College, we were unsure which approach we should take. Is this something that we can deliver? What are some of the challenges that we will need to overcome? What if our content is not culturally appropriate? All these questions surfaced in our minds.


Then, one big realisation hit us like a tonne of bricks – if one, yes only one child’s life is positively impacted by our trip, it is worthwhile! Hence, we agreed.



The major issue is funding. The school cannot afford to pay. So, my anti-bullying charity is doing this on a volunteer basis.


Being a small charity, we don't have the resources for this trip, and the work that will be done on Elcho Island.


We are in urgent need to raise $4,523 to fund this trip. We need your support.


Our charity’s work on Elcho Island will be delivered on a volunteer basis, so we are in effect asking you to meet us halfway -  Get us there and we’ll do the work for free.


In April last year, I attended the funeral of a 17 year old boy who had jumped in front of a train because he was being bullied at school here in our home town of  Melbourne.


It was the most touching funeral anyone could possibly attend. Watching 90 school boys crying uncontrollably was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. The thought of losing their mate so early in life was too much to comprehend for most of these grief-stricken boys.


What compounded the heartache for me was seeing the parents of the deceased boy, staring blankly at the lifeless body of their son. That day, I made a promise that as long as I am breathing, my charity will do all that it can do ensure that no parent goes through what I observed that day. This the reason for my decision to make the trip to the Northern Territory on a volunteer basis.




Please support our quest to make a positive impact on the lives of Aboriginal kids on Elcho Island by clicking on this Go Fund Me link.  Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of Aboriginal kids in the Northern Territory.


Thank you,



PS: . Please click on this Go Fund Me link to be part of this achievement


About the Author


Ron Prasad is an author, speaker, life coach, and an anti-bullying campaigner. He is passionate about empowering kids who have been bullied at school. Sharing his experience with bullying, and his insights from his personal development career, he encourages young people to overcome bullying by using empowerment exercises. Ron can be contacted:

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